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Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club


Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club

In early 2020 it was decided that our bunkers at Terrey Hills Par 3 required rebuilding, after an extensive process of evaluating all potential bunker liners it was decided that the MATRIX bunker liner system was the best liner on the market.

During the Spring of 2020 the first three of our bunkers were rebuilt using the MATRIX bunker liner. The ease of dealing with the MATRIX team made the process very simple and stress free.

After the first Storm of the season where we received over 120mm of rain over a thirty-six-hour period the bunkers with MATRIX required no structural work and was playable straight after the rain had stopped.

The labour that we have saved after the rain in the MATRIX bunkers has meant that these bunkers have paid for themselves very quickly.

The remaining bunkers were to be completed over the next 3 years, but due to the outstanding success of the bunkers completed with the Matrix liner, the program has been brought forward and will be completed during the next twelve months.

 I would have no hesitation in recommending the Matrix bunker liner for any golf course.


Paul Watts

Course Superintendent


Matrix Systems Australia

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